Snow Removal

Clearing snow or ice is a primary issue for you during the winter months at home or at the office. Making sure that roadways, drives and all surfaces used for walking or driving are safe and free from ice and snow accumulation is a top priority for us, as well.

Timely Snow RemovalMorning deadlines are a high priority for both residential and commercial customers and we are committed to an “all hands on deck” approach during both snow and ice storms. Kevlar snow removal crews work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Once initial snow removal is complete the Kevlar team visits each property to clean up all remaining slush, ice or associated snow mess to ensure the safety of the residents or customers walking or driving on the property.




Commercial and Residential Snow Removal

  • London Ontario and Middlesex County best snow removalHighly experienced employees with both V-plows and straight blades
  • High quality equipment for plowing, blowing and hand shoveling
  • Marked trucks and uniformed employees
  • Winter contracts or per plow services
  • Snow relocation if banks become too large or space for snow becomes tight




Commercial Salting

  • Salt trucks will make rounds to de-ice on all parking lots, driveways and or roadways where ice is a problem
  • Salt bins are installed and filled with salt and/or ice melter.Commercial deicing Thawrox

We use Thawrox® , an enhanced low temperature deicing product that is a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution.  

Its blue colorant is non-staining and is safe for roadways, waterways, and vegetation.  





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