Our Equipment

At Kevlar Landscape and Construction, we believe in being ready for a job.  
And we believe in providing the best quality work at the best cost for our clients.

For these reasons, we own our own equipment.  Small and large, it is ours to use exclusively for your projects.  No rental fees.  No delays.  You have a project, we get it done.  That simple.  

We believe in efficiency, so our equipment undergoes routine maintenance to keep it in tip top shape at all times. 
Here is an overview of some of the equipment that we own.  

Mini Excavator

Our John Deere 26G Mini Excavator (compact excavator) is perfect for drainage, digging, pools, pond dig outs, foundation repair, and other work that 
requires leveling,
grading, or backfilling. It also allows for lifting and placing of large stone on the ground and on walls.  Thanks to its shape and size, it allows us to easily work around obstacles and in tight spaces.  It meets stringent emissions standards and boasts a noticeably quiet engine.



Track Loader

Our John Deere 317G Compact Track Loader allows us to move large amounts of soil, rocks, and other landscaping supplies.  It is also perfect for moving skids of products and unloading trucks.  This powerful little machine can lift 6500 pounds and, thanks to its track, it is versatile on a variety of underfoot conditions.
Click here for John Deer 317G Compact Track Loader specifications




John Deere Gator™

Our John Deere Gator™ is a tough, all around terrific work vehicle.  Its large wheelbase ensures stability and its large turf tires and weight distribution ensure lawn integrity.  It will easily do large mulch jobs without ruining your lawn.  Gator™ protects your lawn as we do our job to maintain its beauty and health.  





Landscape trailer

The smallest of our trailer fleet, our landscape trailer is perfect for all grass crew needs.





Dump Trailer

Our mid-sized dump trailer can carry 10,000 pounds.  It is great for picking up product and depositing it on your work site.test






Float Trailer

The largest of our trailer fleet, our float trailer is perfect for moving machinery around.  With a carry weight of 14,000 pounds, it is also perfectly suited for moving around large rocks and skids of product.




Walker Lawn Mowers (3)

Our Walker Lawn Mowers bag the grass as they cut it.  It is perfect for efficient, clean lawn care.  Our three Walker lawn mowers leave amazing and sought after “lines” on your property, sign of a well manicured lawn.






Pickup Trucks

We Have xx Dodge RAM pickup trucks marked with our company brand







Snow Removal Blades

With our high quality V-plows and straight blades we are set to tackle even the worst of Southwestern Ontario snowfall events. 







Deicing Equipment





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