Tree Pruning, Trimming, and Removal

There is science behind tree trimming and pruning.  

A tree’s health is at stake, so whether your trees need trimming or pruning to

  • remove branches that were damaged in a storm or as a result of disease
  • allow clearance in the vicinity of power lines or other objects
  • allow for new growth
  • or simply for aesthetic reasons

Be sure to learn how to do it properly and safely.  Better yet, hire professionals, especially when pruning high and/or thick branches.  Personal safety is paramount.

Kevlar Landscape and Construction crew is trained and experienced in tree trimming and pruning.  We can also assist in tree removal and stump removal.  

Cost varies depending on type of tree, height of tree, location (are there obstacles rendering access to the tree or stump more difficult?), and other factors.

Call us today for a free estimate.  We’ll be happy to discuss the best course of action for your particular situation.