Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance

The key to having a gorgeous yard you can be proud of starts with routine lawn and yard maintenance. For homes, businesses, or multi-family complexes, keeping the lawns and walkways in tip-top shape is one of the easiest ways to show off - and enhance - the value of your property.

regular grass cutting

Lawn Care

A well maintained yard is essential to the curb appeal of your home and as a first impression of your business.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly lawn service which includes:

  • Regular grass cutting
  • Trimming
  • Edging
  • De-thatching, rolling and aerating
  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Sidewalk, driveway and roadway blowing, and removal of debris


Did you know that a healthy lawn starts with a healthy soil?  Keeping your lawn well aerated aeration for soil healthhelps alleviate soil compaction and lets air, water and nutrients soak into the soil, from which your lawn can then draw its required nutrients. A well aerated lawn is able to grow str
ong roots which allows it to grow lush and vigorous.

Doesn’t this happen naturally?  Yes, and no.  Over time and with foot traffic, the soil beneath your lawn can become compacted, and cut grass, mulch, old leaves and other organic debris can accumulate beneath the lawn surface.  

Aerating by making small holes in the lawn and removing the resulting small plugs of grass and soil is essential to lawn health, but how do you know if your lawn needs aerating?  One of the sure signs that your lawn can benefit from aeration is if your lawn feels spongy and dries out easily.  Even a great looking lawn may need aerating if it is subject to heavy foot traffic.  The type and quality of the soil beneath your lawn, as well as whether your lawn was laid by sod or as part of new construction all contribute to a need for aeration.      


In Southwestern Ontario, the best times for aeration are early spring and fall, and worry not about the holes left behind when the plugs are removed.  Your lawn will naturally fill in those small holes as it grows and be all the healthier for it.  

Pre- and post-emergent treatment

For a healthy lawn, we recommend the application of pre-emergents in spring, fertilization and/or over seeding throughout the growing season, and post-emergent treatment in the fall.


Pre- and post-emergent treatment involves the spreading of a herbicide product of your lawn.  This prevents weeds from growing and taking over your lawn.  We only use pre- and post-emergent products that have been shown to be safe for humans and pets.  Be sure to ask us about how to keep your children and pets safe while the treatment is being applied.   


Residential & Commercial Yard Maintenance

Spring and Fall CleanupComprehensive Yard Maintenance

In the spring it’s important to clear your lawn and flower beds of all the natural

debris that has accumulated through the winter months. Usually, this includes raking up leftover leaves, a lawn scalp, pruning of shrubs and trees and aerating your yard.

In the fall, or after inclement weather, the clean up can include trimming, pruning or

the complete removal of trees or stumps, clearing the flower beds, raking leaves, and making the plants safe for the coming winter.   

This is also a good time to prepare your hardscaped areas for the upcoming winter months.  Cleaning, repairing, and detailing your hardscaped areas is essential before the freeze/thaw cycle begins where the expansion caused by frozen water that has seeped into cracks only makes the problem worse.

Ongoing Yard Maintenance

Ongoing yard maintenance is more than lawn care.  Of course, proper and thorough lawn care is part of it, but yard maintenance entails taking care off all parts of your yard, including the sidewalks, driveway, roadway and all hardscaped areas and surfaces.  

Ongoing maintenance ensures year round enjoyment of your grounds, and allows for timely detection of areas that need repair or more in-depth attention.  

And when we say year round, we do mean year round.  We have the equipment and knowhow necessary for thorough winter care including snow removal and deicing.

You will recognize the Kevlar crew by our uniforms, tidy appearance, and focused, professional demeanour.



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